Chakra Workshop

By Alyson Ciotola
Posted in Events, on July 12, 2018

Learn, heal and clear your 7 sacred energy centers in this 2.5 hour workshop at Oui Power Yoga.

Students will explore each chakra, feel it in the body, and use movement, breath, posture, reflection, sound and inquiry to discover which chakras are deficient in our unique physical, energetic and vibrational blueprint. Students will then participate in exercises to revitalize, rejuvenate and balance all 7 energy centers.

Plan on diving deeper into yourself and your inner world. Plan on opening your mind and releasing tensions and fear. Plan on adding lightness to your life.

This course is designed for all-level yogis. Bring a journal, crystals, snacks, water, and a mat. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Please be especially mindful hydrating so as to increase your vibration and in preparation to move stagnant energies. Water is essential to the energetic healing process.

The only real requirement for this chakra workshop participation is a healthy curiosity and an open mind! Walk out of the room with a different energetic landscape and awareness than you walked in with. This workshop is restricted to 16 persons. And additional persons will be waitlisted.

This workshop is taught by Courtney McNabb. Courtney began her energy and chakra work while studying at the Shoshoni Ashram in Nederland, Colorado. Courtney extended her energy, healing and yogic work throughout her global travels. Courtney integrated her teachings under Buddhist, Hindu, and Tantric Ascended teachers, healers and shamans from Thailand, Indonesia and the North and South Island of New Zealand. Courtney credits most of her chakra knowledge from her beloved teacher, Sam Silver, who lives and teaches in Denver, Colorado.


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